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Aquasafe provides professional pool management for apartment complexes, hotels and HOAs.
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Professional Pool Management

AquaSafe specializes in providing commercial pool management and lifeguarding services to apartment complexes, HOAs, hotels, and other recreational facilities in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a safe and clean swimming pool environment and provide great customer service to all of our clients at the great price.
Pool Safety
Safety is a founding vision of AquaSafe. Pool safety starts with extensive lifeguard and pool operator training for all of our employees. All of our lifeguards must complete American Red Cross Lifeguard Training, CPR/AED and First Aid courses every year regardless of the validity of their certifications. All lifeguards must participate in our weekly safety in-service trainings. Our safety inspectors conduct regular safety audits of all of our facilities.
Pool Cleanliness
We at AquaSafe understand that cleanliness is a major part of providing a safe and enjoyable swimming pool environment. Customized cleaning procedures are being established for each individual facility. Regular visits by our staff ensure that procedures are followed and client expectations are met.
Customer Service
At every level of our company we are dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience, and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. With AquaSafe you can expect reliability, responsiveness, attention to details, trust and personal responsibility in all relationships
Great Value
Aquasafe provides a great value to all of our customers.

What does our Standard Pool Management Contract Include? We designed our services with the property manager in mind. With Aquasafe you do not need to worry about anything. Aquasafe will take care of the entire pool pre-opening, pool operations and pool winterization. Our professional staff will always keep you informed about the pool operations.

AquaSafe will make sure that your pool spring cleaning and preparation will be worry free and that your pool will be 100% ready and clean for the opening day.
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Pool Pre-Opening Procedure

Pool Opening 

Our service technicians will remove the pool cover and store it at your facility, acid and pressure wash the pool interior, install all necessary pool equipment (ladders, rails, diving boards, etc.), assemble and turn on the filter system, assemble all plumbing in the bath house or club house, clean and arrange your pool furniture on the pool deck.

Pre-Opening Inspection

AquaSafe will conduct a pre-opening inspection and will provide a written report of any repairs, equipment, or services needed. Our service specialists will conduct a walk-through with the client and explain all repairs needed for the proper operation of the facility.

Health Department Inspection

Where applicable, AquaSafe will schedule and be present at the health department pre-opening inspection to ensure that all requirements are met prior to opening the facility. 
AquaSafe staff is always professional and ready to help. Our priority is pool safety, cleanliness and customer service. Our Staff will ensure that everybody is safe and that every patron has a great time at the swimming pool.
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Our standard pool management contract includes all staffing for summer operation - Lifeguards, Supervisors and Safety Inspectors


Our selective recruiting and training programs ensure that your facility will be staffed properly with professional lifeguards that are always on-time with a company uniform. Our extensive lifeguard training is designed to maximize the ability to recognize and prevent emergency situations. Lifeguards ensure the safety of the residents. Effective pool management starts with controlled access to the pool. Our lifeguards check pool passes and allow only residents with a valid pool pass to access the pool. They enforce pool rules and follow safety guidelines to ensure that all residents are safe and that everybody enjoys their time at the pool.


Your facility will be assigned to an area supervisor who will visit your facility a minimum of 3 times per week. The supervisor will evaluate the staff performance and inspect the safety and cleanliness of the facility. The supervisor will meet with your management team a  minimum of once per week to discuss the overall pool operation and provide a detailed written report

Safety Inspectors

Our safety inspectors will conduct random facility safety checks to ensure that our lifeguards are vigilant and attentive as well as refreshing their knowledge.

Pool Water Balancing Chemicals and Weekly Laboratory Water Testing

Our contracts include pool water balancing chemicals and where required weekly laboratory water testing.

Commercial Liability Insurance

AquaSafe maintains one of the highest liability insurance coverage in the industry

Additional Services

AquaSafe offers additional services such as providing janitorial supplies, first aid, and other miscellaneous products that pertain to your facility.

Pool Winterization is included in a standard pool management contract. We guarantee that swimming pool facility will be properly winterized and we guarantee all freeze breaks.

Pool Closing and Winterization

AquaSafe will properly winterize your facility at the end of the season. This includes winterization of the filter system, bathhouse plumbing, covering the pool and storing the furniture at your facility. We will provide a comprehensive written report and inform you of any needed repairs that should be included in your next year's budget

Reasons to choose AquaSafe Pool Management:

Professional lifeguards always in a company uniform
Lifeguards Red Cross certified every year
Automated clock in/out monitoring system to ensure that every pool is open on time
Mandatory weekly in-service trainings for lifeguards and area supervisors
Mandatory “People Management” training for lifeguards and area supervisors
Pool rules and pool pass policy review with the pool staff at your facility
Area supervisors visiting client’s facility a minimum of 3x per week
Weekly walk-through evaluations with the client
Safety inspectors performing random facility checks
Water balancing chemicals included in the contract at no extra cost
Toll free number for safety concerns and complaints for pool patrons posted at every facility
One of the highest liability insurance coverage in the industry
Certified service technicians on call 24 hours
Thousands of pool supplies/parts on hand for immediate repairs
Reliability, responsiveness, and attention to detail
Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships
Members of several professional organizations/associations
The most “up to date” technology and training