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Filter, Pool Repairs and Pool Structural Repairs.

AquaSafe is an expert in pool filter system repairs and pool structural repairs. Our service technicans are Certified Service Technicians by the American Pool and Spa Association. All repairs are completed in a timely manner with the focus on quality workmanship. Continuous education and training of our service technicians ensure that we are up-to-date on the latest technology, materials, techniques and safety requirements.

Filter System Repairs and Replacement Parts

AquaSafe service technicians are trained to troubleshoot any problem with the filter system. This includes pump and motor replacement, filter replacement, filter media recharge (sand, diatomaceous earth (DE), and cartridge), lateral replacement, pool filter system upgrade , filter system re-piping, pump discharge replacement, pressure gauges from 0-60 PSI, vacuum gauges from 0-30 Hg, and flow meters with vertical, horizontal, or side mounts.

Sand filter and cartridge filter repair and replacement parts

Filters are the most important part of the pool filter system; they trap insoluble matter such as dirt, debris, and algae, before they get into the water. We supply and install all filter types, from high rate sand filters that filter particles of about 20-50 microns, to cartridge filters that filter small particles of about 15-25 microns, and to DE filters that are able to trap small particles about 2-5 microns. We also specialize in overhauling and re-charging older commercial filters, lateral replacement, and cartridge replacement.

New filter system installation

AquaSafe works with premier builders and developers to design and build efficient pool systems for new construction and development. We will work closely with the project managers to design the perfect system for you.

Cartridge elements replacement

Filter cartridge elements are becoming more popular with the tightening of the local environmental codes. Filter cartridges should be replaced every 2 years to ensure the best performance.

Chemical Feeders and Chlorinators

A good chlorinator is the key to keeping water sanitary. We carry many types of chlorinators for use with liquid chlorine, such as peristaltic pumps, diaphragm pumps, and many types of mechanized solid feeders for solid chlorine pucks that attach to the circulation system.

Pool Pump Repairs and Motor Repairs - click to visit our specialized section

Pump repairs

Our certified pool service technicians are able to troubleshoot problems with the pool pump. The most common repairs include a shaft seal replacement, which must be performed when the seal causes the pump to leak; inadequate low flow rates, which can be caused by a clogged or worn out pump impeller; and the replacement of worn out gaskets, which cause the pool pump to leak. We carry replacement parts for all pump manufacturers.

Motor repair

AquaSafe specializes in all pump motor repairs. The most common repair is a pump motor capacitor replacement, which needs to be performed when the pump motor is humming or will not start, and the bearings are causing the pump to run loudly.

Pool Structural Repairs

Hydrostatic valve replacement

Hydrostatic valves are very simple devices that have an extremely important function: They adjust the water pressure that builds up below the pool. This water pressure can cause the entire pool to pop out of the ground. Hydrostatic valves should be regularly inspected and replaced as needed.

VGB Products

Stingl Switch

Vac Alert

VGB Compliant main drains

Pool Plumbing, Skimmers and Main Drains

Underground plumbing repair and replacement

Underground plumbing usually does not require much maintenance or repair. The most common repairs that we perform on underground plumbing are underground leak repairs and cleaning and flushing the line when it is clogged by debris or pool toy and obstructs the water flow.

Main drain replacement

Main drains are suction inlets located on the pool floor. In 2009 all main drains at every pool had to be upgraded according to safety requirements stated in the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. Main drain sumps and main drain covers must comply with the new ASME/ANSIA112.19.8-2007 standards.

Skimmer replacement and Skimmer leak repair

Skimmers are often the cause of a leaking pool. Even when the pool is properly winterized, excessive rain, snow, and low temperatures can cause damage to a skimmer body that will require replacing the entire skimmer. Leaks in the skimmer throat are also very common and are caused by deteriorated grout around the edge of the pool and the skimmer.

Plaster Patch/Underwater Patch

AquaSafe offers underwater patching of deteriorated plaster. This repair does not require the pool to be drained and is performed under water by our certified diver with a specialty mix of cement that hardens in water.

Pool Deck Equipment

Lifeguard Chairs, Handrails and ladder Replacement

AquaSafe supplies and installs all types of handrails and ladders. All handrails and ladders must be properly grounded to the re-bar grid under the pool deck. We also carry special fiberglass handrails that do not require this grounding.