Swimming Pool Management & Lifeguarding

Maintaining a safe and enjoyable pool environment made easy

Professional Pool Management

AquaSafe specializes in providing commercial pool management and lifeguarding services to apartment complexes, HOAs, hotels, and other recreational facilities in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Selected services are also available in North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.
AquaSafe’s standard pool management contract includes pool opening, American Red Cross certified lifeguards, supervisory and customer service staff (area supervisors, division managers, safety inspectors, customer service specialists), water-balancing chemicals and testing, commercial liability insurance, pool closing, and winterization.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure a safe, clean, and enjoyable swimming pool environment and provide our clients excellent customer service. With AquaSafe by your side, you can worry less and enjoy more time at the pool.

Our Lifeguards, Area Supervisors and Other Aquatics Staff

Our selective recruiting and training programs ensure that your facility will be adequately staffed with professional Lifeguards. Our extensive lifeguard training is designed to maximize the ability to recognize and prevent emergencies.

Your facility will be assigned to an Area Supervisor who will visit your facility weekly, evaluate the staff performance and inspect the safety and cleanliness of the swimming pool. The Supervisor will meet with your management team a minimum of once per week to discuss the overall pool operation and provide a detailed written report.

Our Safety Inspectors will conduct random facility safety checks to ensure our lifeguards are vigilant and attentive and to refresh their knowledge. Our team of Division Managers is always available to assist further and answer any questions you may have. 

Swimming Pool Pre-opening

AquaSafe’s standard pool management contract includes pool pre-opening tasks such as pool cover removal, acid and pressure washing the pool interior, installing all necessary pool equipment, assembling the filter system, and, where applicable, passing your facility through health department inspection.

You will also receive a detailed pool pre-opening inspection report, including a list of needed repairs and equipment. Our service specialist will schedule a walk-through with your representative and explain all necessary repairs for your facility’s safe and proper operation.

Other items

Other Items Included In Contract

  • Swimming pool water-balancing and disinfecting chemicals & laboratory water testing – We supply all disinfecting and balancing pool water chemicals to keep your swimming pool healthy and crystal clear. Laboratory water testing is available where required.
  • Professional lifeguards – always in our company uniform.
  • American Red Cross certified lifeguards.
  • Automated clock in/out monitoring system to ensure that every pool is open on time.
  • Mandatory weekly in-service trainings for all lifeguards and area supervisors.
  • Mandatory customer service training for all lifeguards and area supervisors.
  • Commercial liability insurance – Our comprehensive liability insurance package ensures you are securely protected against any claims.

Swimming Pool Safety

At AquaSafe, safety is our top priority. Our lifeguards and area supervisors receive extensive training to ensure they are prepared for any emergency that may arise in the pool areas -from American Red Cross Lifeguard Training and CPR/AED courses to First Aid certifications.

Weekly mandatory safety In-service training throughout the season ensure that our staff is ready to help in case of a medical emergency. Our safety inspectors conduct regular safety audits of all facilities managed by AquaSafe.


Clean and Enjoyable Environment

As the premier pool management provider, AquaSafe is committed to delivering the best pool experience to our customers.
It starts with ensuring a clean and enjoyable swimming pool environment. From simple maintenance tasks such as skimming leaves and brushing steps down to complicated checks like evaluating and maintaining proper chlorine and pH levels in the water, our staff will keep your swimming pool sparkling clean and inviting all season long.

Excellent Customer Service

We’re committed to delivering an exceptional experience for everyone who chooses AquaSafe.
Our dedication and passion promise excellent service, quick responses, and attention to detail that foster relationships based on trustworthiness and accountability.

Pool Closing and Winterization

AquaSafe will properly winterize your facility at the season’s end and ensure it is prepared for cold weather.

The pool closing includes winterization of the filter system, and bathhouse plumbing, covering the pool, and storing the furniture at your facility.

We will provide a comprehensive written report and inform you of any needed repairs that should be included in your next year’s budget.

Have questions or need additional information? Connect with our customer service specialist now. Call 1-888-927-8272.