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Pool Renovation - Coping, Waterline Tile Replacement and Pool Re-Plastering

Pool Coping replacement

Coping - the finishing edge around the pool or spa is a major visual element of the pool. We supply and install various types of coping, pre-cast coping, bricks, and pavers in a variety of shapes, textures, and colors.

Pool Tile Replacement

We supply and install the largest selection of pool and spa tiles of a natural color and texture palette that you will find anywhere. We carry 6"x6", 3"x3", 2"x2", 1"x1" tiles, glazed tiles, depth markers, and tiles with various signage, such as no diving, no running, etc.

Pool Plaster, Re-plastering, Quartz and exposed Pebble pool finish.

Plaster, sometimes called marcelite or whitecoat, is the most popular interior finish for pools. The advantages of plaster are that it requires minimal maintenance and it is very durable. The lifetime for plaster is about 6-8 years. We also offer Quartz plaster that contains tiny particles of quartz in many different colors and pebble mix that exposes natural pebbles that come in various colors depending on the different rivers or regions that they come from.

Sand blast pool interior

AquaSafe offers pool interior sand blasting. Sand blasting is recommended prior to re-painting the pool to ensure the right adhesion of the new coat, when the current paint coat is very deteriorated, or when the customer wishes to plaster the pool that was previously painted.

Paint pool interior

AquaSafe is an expert in pool interior painting. Our professionally trained technicians are able to analyze the type of paint that you previously used to assure the best adhesion of the new paint coat. We carry rubber base paint, synthetic rubber paint, epoxy paint, water base acrylic paint and vinyl base paint in different color options. Pool deck repairs

Pool deck replacement

The pool deck is a finishing touch of a pool or spa installation prior to landscaping. We are experts in concrete decks, stamped concrete, concrete pavers, and stone pavers. Our professional staff will discuss all decking options and types with the customer to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Pool deck resurfacing

When the pool deck has excessive chips on the surface we offer pool deck resurfacing with a special mix of concrete. Deck resurfacing is a less expensive option than replacing the entire concrete pad and it will last many years.

Pool deck repairs and patch

AquaSafe is an expert in all pool deck repairs and we take cautious measures to prevent any further damage to concrete pool decks. We are experts in saw cut, caulking, and water proofing around water fountains.

Deck caulking and expansion joints

Deck caulking and expansion joint caulking is important in keeping water out of areas that could be damaged during winter, such as water seeping and freezing under coping stones. Vinyl liner replacement, pool paint and sand blast

Vinyl Liner Replacement

AquaSafe specializes in custom made vinyl liners, 20 MIL or 28 MIL. Our trained technicians will take measurements of your pool and will order the perfect fitting liner. We work with the major vinyl liner manufacturers and are able to receive your liner within 7 days from the order. We carry many colors and patterns of the vinyl liners.